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Long-term storage capacity

Long-term storage capacity is our main service. This storage capacity can only be reserved through transparent auctions in accordance with the Energy Act and with the Gas Market Rules. Anybody interested in participating in an auction must confirm before the start of the auction that they meet the conditions for participation in the Auction System. Storage capacity is offered as a combination of working gas volume and firm/interruptible injection and withdrawal rates or as various combinations of these elements. The specific parameters of the offered product are always defined in the Auction Terms & Conditions document.

Auctions are announced for the following contract types, which are governed by the Code of the Gas Storage Operator:

  • Annual gas storage contract with firm/interruptible capacity
  • Monthly gas storage contract with firm/interruptible capacity
  • Gas storage contract for unused storage capacity
Additional (daily) working gas volume

We offer additional (daily) working gas volume in two variants, and it can be provided based on a framework contract. This volume is offered without injection and withdrawal capacities – customers can use the permanently offered additional daily firm/interruptible withdrawal and injection capacities for gas injection and withdrawal.

  • Daily firm working gas volume – a registered customer may place an order in our nomination portal. The start and duration of the contract are defined by the storage user depending on their own needs and available capacity. Orders are assessed according to the acceptance time stamp, from first to last received.

  • Daily interruptible working gas volume – this is a temporary working gas volume based on interruptible capacity, which serves as additional storage capacity for both new and existing customers. It is offered at any time during a storage period. Based on a request from the storage operator it may be interrupted (depending on the overall remaining capacity of the storage facility) after prior notification (five days), and the customer is then under obligation to release the part of the volume defined by the storage operator. The storage fee is charged only when the service is used and does not contain any flat payment.

The prices for the additional working gas volume are stated in the Price List. Their availability and the maximum reservation time must be consulted with MND Energy Storage dispatching. The minimum reservation period is one Gas Day.

Information on reservation and interruption of daily products can be found HERE

Additional rates

Additional daily rates can be reserved independently from the parameters of a valid storage contract. The (minimum) prices for additional capacities are stated in the Price List. The availability of capacities and the maximum reservation period must be consulted with the MND Energy Storage dispatching, and customers may place orders in our nomination portal, or by email, up to 90 days in advance. The minimum reservation period is one Gas Day. The preliminary size of available capacities for the following day is presented in the Available daily firm/interruptible capacity section. An overview of implemented interruptions is available in the Interrupted interruptible capacity and price and Size of interrupted firm storage capacity sections. Orders for additional rates are assessed according to the acceptance time stamp, from first to last received.

  • Additional daily firm rate – this is injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day on a firm basis. This capacity cannot be interrupted by the storage operator.

  • Additional daily interruptible rate – this is additional injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day on an interruptible basis, which the storage operator can interrupt if needed. In the event of interruption, the storage operator will reduce the reserved interruptible capacities based on the price per unit of interruptible injection or withdrawal capacity in order from the lowest price to the highest, while reserved interruptible capacities with the same unit price will be reduced according to the acceptance time stamp, from last to first recieved.

Information on reservation and interruption of daily products can be found HERE

Inverse storage

As part of our activities, we also offer a special service named ‘inverse storage’. This service means that the customer reserves storage capacity already filled with gas, which they first withdraw, and subsequently return to the storage provider before the contract expires. We require a guarantee for the leased gas. We offer this service primarily based on long-term storage capacity with assigned firm injection and withdrawal capacities, through auctions according to the Gas Market Rules.

Storage capacity transfer

The storage user has the option to transfer their storage capacity to another entity if the storage provider consents. When transferring storage capacity, a new storage contract is concluded (or an existing storage contract of another storage user expanded) between MND Energy Storage and the new/other existing storage user (part or all the capacity is transferred). The transfer can only be implemented with effect from the first Gas Day of the Gas Month. If the storage provider consents to a faster transfer, it is authorised to charge a higher fee for the transfer. The storage capacity transfer price is presented in the MND ES Price List.

Storage capacity assignment

Storage capacity assignment means that an existing storage user permits the use of a certain part of their storage capacity by another user, without any amendment to their gas storage contract. After the assignment of the arranged storage capacity, the original entity remains the contractual party vis-à-vis MND Energy Storage. An assignment of arranged storage capacity is not approved by the storage provider but only recorded. The price for storage capacity assignment is given in the MND ES Price List.

Gas transfer

Gas may be transferred between individual contracts of a single customer or between customers based on a written instruction and in compliance with Gas Market Rules. Gas transfer between customers can only be carried out based on a joint declaration by both the customers and with the consent of MND Energy Storage. Gas cannot be transferred between contracts containing incompatible rules for calculating of the injection fee, whether internally for a single customer or between different customers. In the event of a difference in these parameters, the transferring party will be charged a fee pursuant to the contract to which the gas is being transferred. If the fee listed on the contract to which the gas is being transferred is lower than on the original contract, the storage provider will not refund any overpayment. The gas transfer price is given in the MND ES Price List.


Operators of underground gas storage facilities and storage users using gas storage services must report specific data relating to the quantity of gas in the storage facility to ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) based on Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 on REMIT. Storage users have an obligation to report to ACER the quantity of gas they have stored in each virtual gas storage facility at the end of a Gas Day. If you are interested, we can send these data based on a concluded Agreement on the Fulfilment of the Reporting Obligation According to REMIT on your behalf. We provide this service completely free of charge.

Secondary Sale

In the event a storage user is interested in selling their reserved storage capacity, they can contact our commercial dispatching, which distributes the information to other customers. For this purpose the storage user can use our auction system and offer their capacity to other entities in one of the auctions described in section Auction Types.

You can see the current secondary sale offers in the table below: 

Storage Period

Working Gas Volume [MWh] Injection Rate [MWh/day] Withdrawal Rate [MWh/day] Transfer of Gas [MWh] Type of Offer

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