Auction types

We offer storage capacity through transparent auctions. Existing clients may also use the auction portal for the secondary sales of storage capacity.

Show auctions

Show auctions

Standard capacity auction

An ascending, multi-round auction in which an opening price and the price step between the auction rounds are set. Participants in such an auction enter, in each auction round, the required quantity in MWh or the required number of SBU (units expressing an aggregate package of storage capacity and withdrawal/injection capacities). If the required quantity exceeds supply, there is another auction round in which the price is raised by the price step. The auction ends when the required quantity is the same as, or less than, that offered.

ERMMA auction

A time-limited auction with ascending or descending price. Participants enter their bids, while it is not possible to enter a bid that is the same as one already entered by a different participant. After the time limit expires, the auction ends and the participant with the last entered bid obtains all the offered storage capacity and allocated capacities. The auction announcer may set a protection zone (e.g. the last two minutes) for the end of the time limit, in which the auction will be extended (e.g. by another two minutes) if a new bid is made.

ERMMA capacity auction

An extended ERMMA auction in which participants also enter, in addition to bids, required quantities or numbers of SBU. During such an auction, the participants see the quantity/number of SBU they will get at the offered price.