Environmental protection

MND Energy Storage a.s. is engaged in the storing of natural gas in underground rock formations and the operation of existing and development of new gas storage facilities.

In providing these services, we are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Giving due consideration to environmental protection, protection of the environment in particular is an integral component of our company policy.

As we feel responsible for our region and the environment matters to us, we consistently apply the principles of sustainable development which form a part of our company management system.

Our goal is to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts. When conducting our activities, we strive to eliminate any negative impact on the environment so as to avoid causing any pollution or damage to it.

In this endeavor, we are assisted by the environmental management system implemented and maintained in accordance with the ISO 14001 International Standard. This system is based on prevention, i.e. the processes, procedures and/or materials we apply are intended to prevent or mitigate environmental pollution (e.g. material or capital equipment purchases are made with due consideration to its life cycle and impact on the environment as future waste).

Full compliance with statutory requirements goes without saying. We know our obligations arising from the applicable environmental legislation. We duly respect the requirements of Czech and EU laws in this area. The organization has implemented and maintains procedures to keep track of new environmental regulations, ensuring access to statutory and other requirements (e.g. public administration requirements) to which it is subject.

As we strive for continual development and improvement with respect to environmental protection, we place great emphasis on employee education in this area.

Training is also provided to the personnel of servicing companies and other external workers present at the underground gas storage facility.

Water, land, and air

Each one of these environmental components is important not only for our business but also for our lives. We realize how important it is to protect the environment in which we live. That is why we try to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute towards environmental protection in all we do.

The company has its environmental performance assessed on an annual basis.

The assessment provides an analysis of the company’s impact on the environment and thereby facilitates the implementation of actions aimed at its protection.

The assessment monitors the following parameters:

The basic data and their analysis can be divided into the following categories:

  • Waste and waste water production
  • Energy intensity of the company
  • Air pollution
  • CO2 emissions
  • Usage of chemicals and chemical preparations

Spillage prevention and water protection

In order to prevent the release of hazardous substances and compounds used at the gas storage facility into the environment, we make every reasonable effort to ensure that our equipment is well designed, safely operated and regularly inspected. The technology is equipped with drip pans or emergency sumps where required.

The company has established and maintains effective procedures for identifying potential emergencies or crisis situations. The effectiveness of these procedures is examined on a regular basis via the emergency preparedness training of company employees.

Air protection

The UGS facility in Uhřice operates both groups of sources defined in the Air Protection Act:

  • Sources listed in Annex No. 2 of the Act;
  • Other sources not specified in the Act.

These air pollution sources are classified into combustion and technological sources.

Technological sources:

The operated technological sources include a variety of chemical storage tanks. These are sources not specified in the Act.

Combustion sources:

Various boilers, heaters, etc.

Combustion sources produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition to these pollutants, MND Energy Storage a.s. also monitors methane emissions to ensure the legal limit for Integrated Pollution Register reporting is not exceeded. As the company falls under the purview of the Emissions Trading Act,  CO2 emissions must be tracked as well.

The annually produced volume of pollutant emissions meets the statutory limits with a wide margin, as confirmed by certified measurement.

The company continues to strive to reduce the amount of annual emissions produced as much as possible. The technology is therefore equipped with higher-performance compressors including catalytic converters to reduce fuel consumption during gas injection operations. Moreover, the gas withdrawal technology works on a low-temperature gas drying principle. This withdrawal technology is characterized by lower gas consumption.

Land protection

An effective monitoring system has been implemented to identify potential soil and water contamination. Groundwater samples from observation wells are collected based on the Annual Sampling Plan; soil gas is monitored using atmospheric drilling (AtmoDrill).

Waste management

MND Energy Storage a.s. is a waste producer, i.e. a legal entity whose activities generate waste.

Waste production is dependent on the underground gas storage operation. The company mainly focuses on waste separation. We adopt a waste management system wherein recycling and used product reclamation is given precedence.

All hazardous waste produced as part of gas storage is identified and controlled in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Energy intensity of the company

Operation of the underground gas storage is dependent on power consumption. Facility buildings are heated using natural gas.

The company continuously monitors its consumption of electricity, natural gas as well as water.

We place great emphasis on energy intensity as part of technology revitalization. In order to meet our objective of minimizing the company’s energy footprint, we use energy efficient heating and lighting systems, etc.


Usage of chemicals and chemical preparations

The company uses working liquids (compressor motor oils, cooling agents) and liquids used as part of the heating and gas drying technology.

Aside from working liquids, the company also uses other chemicals such as paints, binding agents, silicones, glues, solvents, etc.

All chemicals and chemical preparation are duly and safely stored and accompanied by relevant safety data sheets, as applicable to hazardous chemicals.

Employees working with chemicals are periodically trained in handling them in order to minimize the risk of personal and environmental hazards.

Contact person:

Ing. Lenka Straňánková

E-mail: stranankova@mnd-es.cz